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A wedding celebrated in a city like Rome is in itself something special and outstanding.

The churches, the views and the environments that the capital can offer are unique and unforgettable setting.

Wish your wedding in a refined, unique and elegant context is possible.
The wedding day must be unforgettable. And such a special day can only happen in a very special place.

That’s why if you really want to make it a fairytale day, you have to make sure that the location is as you have always dreamed of.

If the choice of location then falls in a place like Villa Miani, you will surely be amazed.

A neoclassical villa surrounded by greenery

The building was built at the behest of the Miani Counts (from which it takes its name) dates back to almost 200 years ago; it was 1837 when the construction on the top of the Monte Mario hill was completed, by the “Monte Mario Company”, in one of the most strategic and privileged positions for observing the entire city of Rome, particularly the dome of San Peter Cathedral.


Around the villa there are many hectares of extremely well-kept lawn: just think that to get to your destination you need to drive for about a kilometre in an even more “old” green park of the house.

The picture is completed by a very nice garden with a circular lake in the centre.

The style desired by the Miani Counts is the one still visible today: construction with a strong neoclassical meaning and divided into two floors.

Particular attention has been paid to the interior spaces, where it is possible to have approximately two thousand square meters of surface.

Ideal for restricted and huge events

The villa of the Conte Miani began to be used as a theatre of events since 1996.

The splendour of the house and the large spaces it offers have been adapted over time to make the Villa a structure with great accommodation capacity. The villa can host around 550 guests.

However, the particular arrangement of the rooms also allows you to set up exclusive events with limited dimensions without the number of attendees making the location appear too scattered.


How it is made

As already specified, the building is divided into two floors.

On the ground floor, there is a large patio which alone has a capacity of 500 people; on the sides of this, there are five smaller rooms, useful for hosting fewer guests.

The largest room on the ground floor is the Salone delle Feste, capable of supporting 550 seats inside.

In the warmer seasons, it is strongly recommended to set up at least one of the moments of the ceremony in one of the outdoor spaces of the villa: guests will be amazed.

Climbing the stairs you reach the first floor, made up of smaller rooms.

Here we find large windows that guide the spectacular view of the eternal city.

The strong point of the first floor is the huge terrace which embraces the entire facade of the villa, and which can be reached from the windows of all four rooms.


Numbers that impress

If you want to examine the whole complex, it is possible to obtain impressive data: Villa Miani has ten rooms, for a total of almost 1400 indoor seats, about 1800 outdoor seats and the largest room that accommodates up to 550 guests.

There are very few Roman locations that can boast numbers similar to these.


It would be a pity if there was not an adequate area for their means of transport with so much space for the guests: this is why a large parking lot has been set up with the possibility of also benefiting from the presence of a car parker.

For some years an internet connection has also been installed with relative wi-fi, and all ten rooms of the complex are equipped with air conditioning.

The structure is avant-garde also for disabled guests, with all the precautions to allow complete exploitation of the environment.

The large capacity of the location naturally also attracts many children, who will be able to enjoy the company and entertainment of a babysitter.

Catering service is internal: Villa Miani has highly qualified staff able to always guarantee high level in its work.

There is also a pastry internal service, which is as well extraordinary.

The ideal place for the big day

Villa Miani is one of the most loved wedding locations by international spouses, and all those who were lucky enough to visit it were amazed by the vastness of the spaces and the imposing elegance of the neoclassical building.

However, what everyone cites as an absolute strength is the astonishing view of the city of Rome, which above all at sunset offers breathtaking shows.


Couples who have had the opportunity to celebrate their perfect day in this place report magical and unforgettable moments; an example among all is the moment of pyrotechnic games, which can be enjoyed from the terrace and with the dome of San Pietro as a background.


A unique place in the centre of Rome for unforgettable events is for sure Villa Miani.