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Catholic Wedding in Italy


Thanks to its heritage, rich on art and history, Italy offers a wide selection of magnificent churches and ancient cathedrals for your Catholic wedding in Italy. No country in the world can compete with the amazing Catholic wedding venues offered by Italy.
Just try to imagine you in your most beautiful day, surrounded by the frescos or the greatest pictures of an Italian Church. You will live the emotional atmosphere of a Catholic ritual enriched with religious or classic music.
To make your love dream come true, there are some steps that you must keep in your mind!
First of all, for your Catholic wedding, you will need the following documents:
-Certificate of Baptism
-First Communion
-Declaration, a formal letter of your Priest/Pastoral Advisor, certifying that both are active in the Catholic Church, where it’s expressed your wish to have a religious blessing in Italy. This document represents the permission of your Priest and it will be required by the Italian Curia. The Declaration testifies that your local Priest knows you and allows your wedding in Italy.
-Nihil Obstat, this letter certifies that the religious authorities over your local priest have approved your wedding in Italy. This paper attests that you have no impediment to get married in the Italian Church selected by you, at the date you requested.
-The Prenuptial Enquiry Form, is a prenuptial investigation which includes your personal details and some general religious data. This questionnaire has to be filled with you together with your Priest. The Prenuptial Enquiry Form, provided by the archdiocese of your city, represents a proof, for the Italian Curia, that your wedding has been approved by a member of the Catholic Church in your country.

And after the paperwork, some other useful information!

-If one of the Parties is divorcee, the Italian Catholic Church won’t allow you to get marry again in a Church, unless the Sacra Rota (the only Institution able to officially annul marriages) had previously annulled your wedding.
-All paperwork must be translated in Italian.
A Catholic wedding ceremony in Italy can be celebrated by an English speaking priest or in Italian, with an interpreter.
-A mixed religion marriage must be approved by a Bishop who concede the permission in writing.
– The Italian Diocese must receive the paperwork at least 2 months before the wedding.
– All the documents are required additionally to the proper civil documentation.