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Protestant Ceremonies in Italy


If you choose to exchange your wedding vows in a Protestant ceremony in Italy, this article will do the trick!

Thanks to its huge range of romantic and stunning venues you will get marry practically in any region or city of the “Boot”.

If you dream a religious location, Italy has a rich history of beautiful Protestant churches in cities such as Rome, Florence, Venice, Trieste or Naples; anyway, Protestant wedding is an excellent choice for all that couples who want to celebrate their wedding in a villa, castle, hotel or garden. However, according to your choice, Pastors are normally happy to travel.

The ceremony generally begins with a welcome to guests, followed by an introduction, the readings of the Sacred Scriptures and the Declaration of Consent. All the guests participate actively in the ceremony, singing hymns and repeating the promises together with the couple. The ritual usually ends with with an exchange of vows and rings, followed by the Solemn Nuptial Blessing.Anyway, each couple can personalize its ceremony, by choosing favourite readings, adding a special ritual as the “lighting of candles” or “the exchange or roses” or it’s possible to replace the formal vows with their own promises. The couple may discuss the style of ceremony directly with the Minister or his/her personal secretary.

Protestant weddings in Italy can be performed as a civil and religious ceremony simultaneously. Paperwork requested for weddings that also are legally binding are quite simple and can be different depending on the location you choose. The standard procedure says that couple must provide som specific documents, from the country of origin, to the Minister, which will then be completed with the necessary Italian documents. Finally, The Minister will provide you the verification that you can take to your home church to demonstrate that in addition to being legally married, your union was recognized within the Protestant church.

Actually, if the couple has been previously civilly married in their own country, the Minister/Pastor will require a valid and recent civil marriage certificate, prior to performing the Protestant wedding ceremony in Italy.