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Indian Wedding in Italy


Can you imagine to turn the quiet elegance of the Como’s Lake in an authentic explosion of sparkling and brightest reds, golds and jewel tones.

Or maybe it’s easier to think about a flower’s petals rain in the warmth atmosphere of the Mediterranean Italian venues…

Well, if you are thinking about a huge elephant walking trough the lavish Tuscany country, you guess the topic of this Wedding Planner Tip.

Maybe the elephant it’s a bit too much but, if you talk about the Indian wedding in Italy, it’s absolutely impossible to keep a low profile.

During last years, this kind of ceremony and ritual has exponentially grown.

More and more Indians choose Italy as ideal destination for them luxurious and sparkling events, but that’s not all! Because, are numerous too the request of a lot of Italian couples.

And, who can blame them?

The Indian ceremony is an authentic show. The best terms to describe this big event are “colorful”, “joyful”, “spectacular”, the way to celebrate a wedding over the top.

A big number of guests combined with the fair share of extravagance and the power of love will create a mix absolutely unforgettable.

For a perfect Indian Style wedding in Italy can’t miss:

1) A three days party. On the first night, a ceremony happens at home with only the couple, the bridal party and close relatives in attendance. During the second day,
the bride, her female friends and family members will draw intricate henna patterns on their hands and feet. In the evening, all the wedding guests are invited, for the official introduction of the couple’s families, a meal and dances. The last day the main ceremony, cocktail hour and banquet will take place.

2) Bold colors everywhere. Vibrant colors dresses, eye-catching jewelries, lavish flowers decorations and and flashy set-up. An Indian wedding is this and more!

3)The groom’s procession. According to this ritual, groom arrives to the ceremony on a decorated majestic white horse. Later, the couple exchanges floral garlands, symbol of their acceptance of each other.

4) A Mandap. For the ceremony, the priest, the spouses and bride’s parents sit under a mandap, a canopy similar to a Jewish chuppah.

5)Bhangra dance. The folk Punjab dance, with its swinging rhythmic character that has generally remained the hallmark of every music that deserves the bhangraname.

6) Delicious dishes.If you are a tradition lover or if you enjoy to taste and discover new flavours, Italy will offer you all the best options. Starting from flavorful, traditional dishes from India, as different kinds of curries, samosas or desserts, ending with the typical regional recipes,
mixed cuisine and fusion menus are some tasty options.
Lake Como, Tuscany or the Veneto area, are the best regions for Indian food.


indian wedding in Italy