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Photo and Videos


Do you remember the old photos album of your parents’ wedding day? Those big and heavy books kept in old browns luggages, inside wardrobes or basements.

How many beautiful memories are stored between that pages. Each photo is a portrait of the happiness!

Photos still have the same importance than ever. But the time changes the things, so, if your are going to get married, how will your 2019 wedding photos album be?

Surely, look and set up of the album are changed. Now, this book can be completely printed, so the danger of a spot or prints on your photos it’s averted!

And…what are the new photos trend?
Below you will find some examples!

1- Shooting the proposal: let’s start from the beginning! Some savvy grooms are hiring photographers to document their proposals. Can you imagine it? That special moment will last forever.

2- Pre-wedding photo shoots: brides and grooms are scheduling bridal portrait sessions in their dresses before the wedding day. An occasion to wear twice your fairy-tales clothes.

3- Destination elopement: it’s so romantic! You, your partner and your love among unknown lands! If you want a wedding full of romance and adventure, you have to escape and discover new destinations! Why not? Italy will be the ideal venue.

4- Unplugged ceremonies: Couples want to capture their guests’ reactions and not the latest mobile phones models covering their faces. As such, often, the officiant requesting that the guests do not use cameras during the wedding ceremony.

5- Drone wedding photography and videography: the final effect will be amazing but pay attention! drones usage is strictly regulated.

6- Same day edits: are you so impatient to share your best pictures with your guests? Now it’s possible! If you want, Your photographer will be able to show his best photos during your banquets. Why do you have to wait?

7- No more traditional posed and styled shots! This is the era of photo booths with social media integration! So many spouses today choose to create a wedding hashtag for guests to use to upload photos to Instagram and Twitter.


8- Father-Daughter First Looks: some photographers choose to capture dads first glimpse of their daughter in white, is definitely a sweet moment during the day that deserves an unforgettable picture.

And what about videos?

The new 3 must of wedding videography are:

1- Indie Documentaries: the idea isn’t just to tell the story of your wedding day, but to portray the characters, the conversations, reactions, and moods, in hopes of giving the viewer a sense of the wedding beyond the typical footage. A wedding video that even your friends will want to watch again.

2- Wedding Trailers: a preview of your wedding video, a teaser to show family and friends while waiting for your full-length video. The idea is to share a glimpse of some emotional moments, adding music and special effects.

3- The 3-D Photo Montage Show: Some images, which are usually taken before the wedding day, are digitally manipulated to appear three-dimensional. Special effects and music can be added as well. The final product is a movie that can be played during your ceremony.

Are you ready to be a star?