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Historical castles, villas, gardens, archaeological sites, even an ancient vessel. Italy offers you a carousel of charming possibilities, to be discovered.

“Italy is a dream that keeps returning for the rest of your life” – A. Akhmatova



Rome, also known as the eternal city. Its history spans more than two and a half thousand years. There is no place as magic as Rome, with its ancient villas spread over the seven hills.

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How many people can boast a wedding in a World Heritage Site? Only a few, and we can make you one of them. We can make the most romantic place on Earth the theatre of your wedding. Venice, the floating city of art and elegant decay can be yours.

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Amalfi Coast is beautiful stretch of coastline in the South of Italy studded with a multitude of small villages, all unique in their beauty. The weather is pleasant from early spring until late fall, making this area a perfect destination for outdoor weddings almost any time of the year.

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Birthplace of the Italian Renaissance, cultural hub of tradition and magnificence. In this land, you’ll be seduced by the rustic style of the landscapes, the cozy atmosphere and the authentic Italian vibes and gourmet experiences.

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Its impressive beaches and panoramas make Sardinia the Italian island of high- end tourism, yet it still retains its unique character and a myriad of hidden treasures that we unveil only to the most discerning folks.

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Apulia – in Italy, Puglia – has a unique folkloristic flair and features the most authentic Mediterranean essence. Cuisine plays a key role in the region’s experience and the beauty of both the inland and the coast is remarkable, making Apulia the ultimate destination for a memorable wedding.

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This lake of the sinuous form provides a variety of scenery, featuring an alpine character in its upper end, smoothing into a gentler aspect between the hills until the plain of Lombardy. It’s considered the ultimate getaway for a romantic and private wedding.

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Legendary Lake Como, with its enchanting landscapes, gentle climate, delicious cuisine and excellent wines, makes it one of the world’s top luxury Wedding destinations.

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Sicily it’s a region rich in history, during the years she lived thirteen foreign dominations and she took always the best. It’s a land of gods and heroes, where Mother Earth focused every kind of beauties.

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Umbria region is the perfect scenario for your Italian wedding. Well-known for its rolling hills, sunflowers and medieval hamlets.

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