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Civil Weddings in Italy


“I do”. These two simple words represent one of the biggest commitments of our life. Every kind of wedding represents the promise of a life together, in which you must protect and respect your partner, a new exciting beginning and the hope of an happily ever after.

But your wedding day won’t be only this! It will represents one of the most important day of your life and, at the same time, one of the funniest to organize! And there’s no place better than Italy as a location for your fairytale wedding!

Catholic, Symbolic, Civil, are just three of the many ways to celebrate your wedding ritual but, be careful! before choosing, in order to avoid difficulties, it will be better to know every detail of each one.

Below you will read some useful tips about the organization of your perfect Civil Ceremony in Italy.

Anyone can be married in Italy, as there’s no legal residency requirement for a wedding.
it is possible for foreign nationals couples to celebrate civil weddings. Sometimes, all procedures can be completed via mail or post, depending on nationalities, some requirements must be finished in Italy.

Normally, the ceremony takes place in the Town Hall register office (ufficio dello Stato Civile) of the town you choose but Civil ceremonies can occur in any location that’s been approved by Italian authorities, like castles, villa,etc.

If both of you don’t speak Italian, the Town Halls should be able to offer a list of accredited interpreters from which you will choose. You must be helped by an interpreter during all the process, starting from the declaration of intent to marry, that will go to the civil registrar, keeping up with the documents presentation to the Town Hall, with the request for publication of banns and during the wedding itself.

Foreign nationals resident or domiciled in Italy, first of all, have to proceed with the publication of a request to marry (banns) published in a municipal register, known as Albo Pretorio del Comune. Later, the ceremony may take place starting from the thirteenth day of banns publication and within the following 180 days. Foreign nationals who aren’t resident or domiciled in Italy, don’t need to publish banns but they must declare to the Officer of Civil Status, at the Town Hall, that there are no reasons that may prevent the marriage (for example: family blood relationships, etc).

All foreign marriage documents must be translated into Italian by an official translator. The Italian Embassy of your origin country could provide you a list of names.

The Documents needed for your civil wedding in Italy are:

Nulla Osta, a declaration obtained by a legal Authority of your origin country, stating the freedom to marry. You can obtain it in Embassy or Consulate of your homes country’s in Italy.
The citizens of countries belonging to the Munich Convention, can substitute the Nulla Osta by a Certificate of Legal Capacity to Marry.
Citizens of Australia, Egypt, Hungary, Israel, Norway, Poland, Sweden, United States of America and political refugees can use specific documents in substitution and/or in addition.
-A valid document to prove your identity (passport or national ID card)
-Birth certificate
-If you have been previously married, a copy of a decree of divorce or death certificate
-An Atto Notorio, confirming no legal impediment to your marriage, signed by two witnesses
-If the couple is under the age of 18, but over 16, they must obtain the authorization from the local youth court.

The Marriage Certificate will be provided immediately after the wedding.