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Rome, also known as the eternal city. Its history spans more than two and a half thousand years. There is no place as magic as Rome, with its ancient villas spread over the seven hills.

villa Aurelia a Roma

Say yes to the Villa!The Wedding Planner Tips

If you read ROMA from back-to-front you will read AMOR, the italian translation of LOVE so…which city will be better than Rome for your italian wedding?

La Posta Vecchia Lazio

Luxury Locations in Rome. The Wedding Planner Tips

Finally you got the ring, the groom and the guest list but…do you still have to choose the location? Maybe it’s beacuse you’re not looking for the classical ballroom in an old palace…

Diamante your wedding in italy

Outdoor Cerimony, the Beauties around Rome -The Wedding Planner Tips

Do you want an italian wedding but are you scaried by the confusion of the city? The only thing you have to do it’s discover some of the beauties around Rome!