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Symbolic Weddings in Italy


For all the couples that want to be free to plan their Italian wedding the easiest and fascinating solution is the symbolic ritual.

The Symbolic wedding is becoming more and more popular every year. It is also known as Non-denominational or secular wedding ceremony. This type of wedding is not legally binding, because no paperwork is required and it doesn’t have to include religious references. it’s the perfect compromise for all that couples that are already married or don’t want to stress-themselves with burocracy.

The main strength of this ceremony is its flexibility.

Symbolic / Nondenominational ceremonies can held everywhere, you just have to choose among in the most spectacular venues of Italy. Italian regions offer you a huge variety of location, such as evocative medieval castles and courtyards, stunning and scent gardens, luxury noble villas or immersive landscapes like private beaches or vineyards.

The Symbolic wedding ritual gives to the spouses the chance to personalize the ceremony, reflecting completely their values and beliefs. The result it’s a perfectly customized wedding ceremony. Whatever you will imagine can become a part of your ceremony, starting from your favourite songs, readings, poems, personal vows, till pagan rituals or the popular and recommended ritual of the sand; at least, you can take as much time as you want, even if you don’t want a long ceremony. These are only some examples of how your Symbolic wedding could be a tailored ceremony.

Symbolic weddings in Italy are usually celebrated by a professional officiant, Italian officer or whoever you want, even a member of your family.

So, what do you expect? If your dream is to getting married on a Venetian Gondola the Symbolic wedding ceremony in Italy will be the solution!