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Flower Designer


The definition of a Floral Designer said: “is an artist that uses plant materials and flowers to create pleasing and balanced compositions and designer works with flowers and plants to create bouquets and floral decorations.”

This master create displays, that set different tones, that can be used for occasions such as weddings, banquets and other ceremonies.

Flowers are not a simple detail in a wedding planning. Today, the role of this nature’s gift it’s one of the main in a ceremony; especially if you want to create an elegant and refined atmosphere, the combination of flowers’ colors and candels’ soft light will give you an extraordinary result.

We ask some advice to the leader of Ceccotti Flowers, one of the most popular florist designer of Rome, whose history began in Italy, since ‘800.

So, what are the trends of 2019?

Are you curious?

Well, dear brides and grooms, here you will find all the must of the year.

Gold, gold, gold!
This is absolutely the perfect color for the majority of basis and support for your wedding’s floral decorations. An example of bases can be styled jars or sumptuous chandeliers.

Pastel tones flowers…and then?
This was the most famed trend of last events season. But for this year, what will be the main color of the most stunning flowers composition?

…peach color!

The delicate warmth of this tone will be the must for the most luxurious and sophisticated weddings, so you just have to choose-it!

Another suggestion, let’s try to mix peach color with the eternal elegance of white! The result will be absolutely extraordinary.