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Finally you got the ring, the groom and the guest list but…do you still have to choose the location? Maybe it’s beacuse you’re not looking for the classical ballroom in an old palace…well, if you want something different for your wedding, Rome helps you!
In the heart of this wonderful city there are some luxury and unusual locations, in which your italian wedding will be unique and unforgettable.

Do you feel like a princess? Of course, you are! So, you must celebrate your wedding in a castle! Tor Crescenza Castle is located in a secular park in the north side of Rome. This majestic property rich in it’s history and patrimony of artworks is kept under the tutelage of the department of beaux-arts. The classical facade it’s composed by two squared towers, decorated with ghibelline merlon and inside its courts you will be immediately fascinated by the sound of water and the beautiful fountains. A glass and steel cover structure create an evocative and romantic “jardin d’hiver”, for this reason all of the castle spaces can be use both in the warm seasons as well as the cold ones. The castle lends itself, thanks to its conformation for different levels of equipment and it’s possible to realize any type of event.
What are you waiting for? Let’s turn your wedding in an authentic fairy tale.
Have you ever heard of the Acquario Romano? Erected in the Centre of Rome, just a few minutes from Termini station, built in 1887, hosted an aquarium just for a brief period, later it was used as a depot of the near Teatro dell’Opera and now is the House of Professional Association of Architects. The construction is made of a cylindrical body with elliptical base and of a top floor with two impressives flights of stairs. The Central Hall is complitely decorated by frescoes, inspired by aquatic theme; a double order of corinthian columns supports the upper gallery to the bottom till the ceiling. Thanks to its spacious extents that can contain up to 400 people. The Acquario Romano is the ideal venue for hosting your wedding receptions.
And last but not least…did you think that was possible to celebrate a wedding party in a luxurious roman patrician residence of the baroque age? Galleria del Cardinale make it possible! it occupies a part of Palazzo Colonna, in the historic centre of Rome. According to the historians, Cardinal’s Gallery, represents the oldest fraction of the estate. It is now modern and functional and keeps its unaltered charm welcoming. The space, over 500 square meters is complitely fully equipped for hosting your exclusive roman wedding.
Did you find what were you looking for?