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Lebanese Wedding

Lebanese couples often chose Italy as the destination for the most important day of their life.

Rich of art, history and magnificent views Italy attracts lots of foreigner. There is a great choice of venues. All depends on your personal taste.

Lebanese couples love to unify Italian beauties with their customs. Their weddings are very lavish. Fireworks, shows of all kinds and dances. One of their traditional folk dance is lebanese zaffe. It is a sort of warm-up for the newlyweds that are surronded by dancers and other characters playing drums. The purpose is to accompany the bride and the groom to church and to the location.

Lebanese cakes

Lebanese cakes are very luxurios. According to their tradition, the cake is cut using a sword, precisely the couple’s sword. Moreover, their cakes are very large. Sometimes even reaching nine layers.

Lebanese wedding is exclusive and particular. So, with a touch of Italian style it is truly wonderful.

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