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Marriage and Covid-19

We are living in a complicated historical period that damages different sectors.

One of these is the wedding organization. In this year lots of couples had to cancel their wedding. Others decided to postpone it. But there are also lucky couples who celebrated it. How?

In the period where ceremonies could be conducted, lots of couples decided to get married. An intimate event with only 30 guests and all of them had to wear a mask. And it doesn’t end there: it was better to choose outdoor venues. There was the limit of people sitting at the table, the prohibition of dancing, and much more. This type of ceremony isn’t a dreamy wedding.

But is also true that the important thing is to celebrate love with the closest relatives and friends!!

Moreover, we want to calm down all the couples that don’t know what they could do this year. If you have already organized everything, don’t worry. Your wedding planner will be able to give you the right help and she won’t leave you alone.

Think positive!! You have more time to organize a perfect, incomparable and magnificent wedding.

We will be back soon and stronger than before. We have an important role: we make your dreams come true!!