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Italian Wedding Blog

Wedding destination: Italy

Your wedding is the most important day of your life. It’s full of magical moments that you never forget. For this reason it’s essential to take care of all aspects and pay attention to every single detail. So, the first step concerns the choise of the location. One of the best location that wins the competition about wedding tourism is Italy. This nation is the first destination chosen by foreign tourists who wants to “say yes”. Its the right place where you can live a fairytale wedding. But the question is why choose Italy?

Italy makes your wedding unique and charmed. There are lots of cities where you can realize and live a dreamy day. Every corner of this country is full of history, art and romance. You have big choises between places with wonderful country landscapes, magical places near the sea, lakes or islands. It’s all by your personal style!

Which destinations?

If you’re fascinated by large expanses of unpolluted land surrounded by olive tree groves, vineyards and unique sunsets you can choose the region of Tuscany. Instead, if you’re passionate by cities nearby crystal clear sea where you can be enchanted by looking at the colors you must choose the Amalfi Coast. In addition there are lots of others places in Apulia like Borgo Egnazia. A beautiful place characterized by local traditions and tipical tastes inspired by the traditional mediterranean diet. In fact we known that Italy is choosen also for it’s traditional cuisine. Every city has a history connected to cooking. Moreover the wine is very popular and there are many types that you can find here.

Also Lake Como, the popular refuge for the rich and aristocrats since Roman times, it still remains one of the privileged tourist destinations for it’s environment characterized by prestigious villages. Last but not least you can decide to live your pefect day in Rome, one of the most beautiful city in the world. Rich of roman history, art, little hill and also places nearby the sea. If you choose Rome as the destination of your wedding you’ll feel as you’re living the movie Vacanze Romane.

Despite these destinations you are free to choise the best location for you, that reflects your personal style.

Italy is besides the place where many celebrities got married, inspiring lots of couples to decide the perfect destination with a romantic atmosphere and realize their event.

So, what are you waiting for? Come to Italy and celebrate with us and our specialized team your special day.