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The tradition of wedding tin cans

Every wedding has lots of traditions. And every tradition has very important significance. The main purpose is to wish a happy life to the spouses.

It is obvious that many traditions also depend on one’s culture. But there are wedding aspects that are known everywhere. One of these is the tradition of the can! Do you know?

The idea of tying old tin cans to the back of the newlyweds’ car has distant origins. In Ancient Rome everything was done so that the couple started their new life under the best auspices, so the function of the cans was to ward off evil spirits with their noise.

Obviously, in those days, tin was not used but other easily available material such as shards, pots and pans, and stones. The tradition is therefore ancient and still lives today.

You will be free to choose or make the tin cans of your choice: small, large, colored, tied with cords, covered in lace. All according to your personal taste.

Especially in Italy, it is a nice idea to use by unifying the tin cans to a vintage Italian style car. Or decorate it with flowers and other details, making the wedding car unique and wonderful.

What do you think of this tradition? Do you like? Let us know if you want to know other wonderful wedding traditions.