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Could you imagine something better than the sea air caressing your smiley face?

Maybe while your lover looks at you with his loving eyes and the waves’ sound, mixed with laughts and claps, creates the perfect soundtrack of your wedding day.

Have you guess the main topic of this new wedding planner tips?

If your answer is:
“a wedding on the beach
I’m sorry but I have to tell you that’s the wrong answer…

Try again but, this time, use your fantasy and open your mind, thinking about how could you turn your wedding day in an unforgettable adventure, sailing Italian seas, swearing ethernal love.

It seems incredible but it’s true, Love Boat it’s not just a popular title, Love boat it’s real, and got an Italian name: “La Signora del Vento”

This exclusive and elegant three-masted sailing sheap was born in 1962 and afetr some years as a school-sheap, sailing seas of all the world, became the most incredible location for wedding ceremonies in Italy.

Completely renewed and ensured by grestest italian masters,
La Signora del Vento got:
19 cabins, for you and all your dear ones,
restaurant lounge to taste sumptuous menus of seafood specialties and wines, specially created for your personal exigencies,
two bars and a 400 square meter bridge, as charming location for your customers.

Italy it’s a country unique in the world so, Capri, Eolie Islands, Cinqueterre, Sardinia you just hace yo choose what, among this lavish panoramas you want as enchanting background for your “I do”.

La Signora del Vento Sailing Sheep, will be your means to touch the infinity of the sea, and to live the expanse of your love, because a love entrusted to the sea, cannot fail to last forever.