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Let it snow, let it snow, let is snow and…WHY NOT?

When the weather it’s colder the solution is to stay closer than ever!
Can you imagine something better than a wedding to stay together, maybe really yours?

If you think about it, winter it’s probably the most romantic season of the year. Everything around us it’s completely immersed in a white quiet, the silence sorrounding everything allows lovers whispers while the flames of fireplaces shine and warmth this magic atmosphere.

Can you feel it?
It’s the perfect frame to celebrate your wedding day.

Winter days in Italy usually are the perfect mixture between hot and cold.

In north area you will find the fairytale atmosphere of snowy places, in seas’ region the music of fresh breeze will be the perfect accompaniment of the January sun, nestled into the infinity of Italian breathtaking blue sky. Finally, still main art towns and small countries got countless ancient noble villas and palaces, perfect location for an indoor ceremony, surrounded by Renaissance frescos or lavish ball rooms.
You know it, Italy it’s the best solution.

A winter wedding it’s not common as the spring or summer ones, but are still full of possibilities and amazing solution.

If you desire a long sleeves wedding dress, or if you dream to fit a cape, as an authentic princess of XVIII century, what’s best occasion?!

If you wish a total white wedding, just try to think about how many offers winter provides to you!

Cotton ball bouquet, cozy blanket for all your guests, winter bakes (maybe stuffed with winter berries, yum!), low lighting with manies and manies candles seasons scented, or an amazing cocoa bar! Try to imagine the happy faces of all your friends drinking a delicious hot chocolate or a cup of mulled wine.

These are just some ideas, and if this article intrigued you why don’t you think about a winter wedding in Italy, meetings DIAMANTE – YOUR WEDDING IN ITALY’s team.

We are masters in wedding and events planning, we will show you how incredible will be give us your trust.