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Your Jewish wedding in Italy

Judaism is a religion that has reached an agreement with the Italian State for the civil recognition of wedding ceremonies.

To obtain recognition, the minister who celebrates the rite must be an Italian citizen and have the qualification certified by the Union of Italian Jewish Communities.

Lots of Jewish couples get married in Italy, preserving the traditions and rituals of their culture.

Diamante Your Wedding in Italy’s team achieved weddings for lots of jewish couples. One of these is Samuel & Eva.

Italian Synagogues

The ceremony took place in the Major Jewish Temple in Rome.

Generally it can take place also in other ambiences previously agreed with the rabbi.

Italy is full of Synagogues, specially in the cities where there are the ancient ghettos, as in Rome. In these areas there are some of the most beautiful Italian Synagogues. These have richly decorated interiors from different time periods and therefore with architectural styles ranging from Baroque to Rococo to Neoclassical.

The ceremony

The wedding reception of Samuel and Eva took place at Tenuta di Fiorano.

This venue is located a few kilometers from Rome, on the Ancient Appia and it is untouched by the chaos of the city.

After the typical rites performed in the Synagogue the couple and their guests came to the Roman countryside. Surronded by vineyards, pines and olive groves this place is perfect for your wedding. There is a magical atmosphere and a real Italian style.

The wedding ended with a great happiness on the part of the newlyweds who will have unforgettable memories of this day.