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Elegant wedding at Borgo Egnazia

A Masseria is a whole of rustic buildings. It’s a typical place of the southern Italy, in particular of Apulia region.

The Masseria has ancient origins. The name of this place refers to food stores for people and animals but also tools for peasant and pastoral use. All these things were protected and stored into typical stone or brik buildings. So, agricultural entrepreneurs, farm owners and farmers lived here.

If we think about this definition we can’t realize that now a Masseria it’s an hotel, resort and an elegant location for magnificent events. This location is situated into huge and magical landscapes of Italy, surronded by secular olive trees of the Apulian countryside. One of the most famous Masseria that aspired many couples as a wedding destination is Borgo Egnazia.

This place is located half way between the airports of Brindisi and Bari. The area is long 4000mq and is perfect to realize a refined and exclusive wedding. Moreover, you can also enjoy a relaxing stay losing yourself in the beauty of nature.

The location has a huge receiving room for your special wedding day. There is also an elegant zone near the poolside where it’s possibile do aperitifs with a pleasant atmosphere. Every corner of Borgo Egnazia is perfect to make your wedding memorable.

The strong aspect of this place is obviously the cuisine. The smell and the tastes of the typical products of Apulia region are incredible. There is a mediterranean tradition caracterized by originality. You can choose to taste an international food, but Italy is beautiful for cuisine as well.

Contact us if you want to get married in this magical place. Besides the determination of our team you’ll receive unforgettable emotions for your wedding.