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Let's dream again together

And finally.…here we are!

These months have not been simple for anyone, but fortunately, now we are back to you.


During this unique (we hope so) period of our history, we spend our time thinking about the future of the entire category of the events’ organization.


We lived in a world completely turned off, the only lights we saw were the one of apartments or hospitals. Here in Italy, we heard music and sang only from balconies, we didn’t touch the hand of our friends or hug ourselves.



DIAMANTE’s team don’t forget but goes on.


We are ready to accompany you and your ideas of events in a new era, where nothing is impossible.


Even with breathing masks or gloves, you will see our eyes smiling for you and the professionality of our hands will be as well the strengths of our minds.


The only thing missing is you…and for us, you are the most important thing.


We must think in a colourful world again, where each occasion must be celebrated, thanksgiving what we got.


We are ready more than ever to work with and for you. Trusting us, you trust a team of authentic professional events creators, such as: creativewedding plannersfloral designerslighting and equipment expert designersphotographers and more.

The last months have been for us an occasion to analyze new ways to realize an unforgettable event. We studied must and mustn’t and we hit our target. And finally, we get the solution…it’s possible! And are we that make it happens.


Too many “I do” and celebrations waited too long; it was fair and necessary before, now we can combine these things and you can dream again.

RomeMilan, the beauty of Italy’s landscapes and seas it’s actually increased. But if you want, we are still able to take your dreams ‘til Dubai…event to the infinity and beyond, if you ask us to!


To create your exclusive and safe event, we will be able to get anywhere and do anything, because when we said that for DIAMANTE nothing is impossible, we are sure.