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Italian Wedding Blog

Wedding destination: Venice

Venice, known as the floating city, is very elegant and romantic. It’s full of canals crossed by many gondolas. It is a typical aspect of this city.

The urban peculiarities and the artistic heritage make the city of Venice one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It is declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site and it is the second Italian city, after Rome, with the highest tourist flow.

Every corner of this city leaves you amazed. There is the perfect atmosphere for your wedding.

There are many suggestive places to get married in this magical place. You can find wonderful churches and synagogues, medieval palaces, luxurious hotels, magnificent villas and gardens, amazing terraces overlooking the Venetian lagoon. All by your personal taste!!

If you want an intimate ceremony you can choose to get married in the small islands near Venice, as Burano. Rich of colorful houses, the island of lace, is an extraordinary venue for your wedding. Burano is characterized by culinary traditions too. In fact you find here the bussolai. A typical dessert of the island that you can taste during your stay.

You just need to choose and contact us! Diamante Your Wedding in Italy’s team take care of everything. According to your requests, your special day will be organised and it will be unforgettable.