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“It’s just you, me, and the sea.”

Many dreams of a beach wedding, especially in Italy, because of our stunning coast.

Just think of the fantastic sensation of immersing your feet in the sand, in this way all the women invited to the reception will love you because they will be able to give up their heels without hesitation.


The hairstyle must not be overlooked, we recommend this which also applies to the guests at the ceremony. You need to find a special one for your face which is however resistant to any gusts of wind and at the same time, in case of too hot a period, it is comfortable to wear all day on the beach. Consequently, even make-up must be light, resistant to temperatures, as well as emotional tears.


Everything must be designed ad hoc, first of all, the wedding dress. Place and function must be taken into consideration, therefore lightness at the right point without risking being too untidy. It takes soft fabrics, perhaps for a dress that is not too long and with a short train. Also, the color must reflect the situation, soft, delicate and warm, in summer we recommend, as an alternative to white, a pastel colour.


Needless to say, the menu must reflect the location, so you should opt for cold dishes, dishes based on fish, fruit, and vegetables. Being at the sea, you could easily opt for the buffet formula, which would quietly reflect the needs that are there in that particular place. Choosing to rent comfortable sofas and canopies, all strictly white or pastel-colored, which allow guests to keep their heads cool and to be comfortable, just as if they were on a quiet day at the beach.

Therefore, freshwater must never be missing, leaving fixed points where you can stock up on drinks of all kinds. The same thing goes for beach flip flops, you can arrange different baskets, divided by numbers.

The hypothesis that it may rain must be taken into consideration (even if it is the terror of every bride), therefore a plan B must be prepared within the location that will leave you calm.


Another important thing to do is to provide additional lighting for the evening, surely you can reinforce the various corners of the reception by those in charge of the music. Many are the couples who decide to add light points in the various reception areas and surely the effect will be much more pleasant.

In several weddings on the beach, we happened to see special candles covered by white paper bags (for the wind). The effect they created was truly memorable and outstanding.

This could be the perfect location for those who decide to get married in the hottest months of the year. Besides, you can insert in the invitations the clause that allows guests to bring their swimsuit. Surely those who accept the invitation will love you even more.


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